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Singapore Feng Shui Master Dai Hu Review Testimonial


Master Dai Hu Review Mr Lim Testimonial


Master Dai Hu:

A few years back, when I was doing the Feng Shui audit for Mr Lim’s previous residence, I told him to consider moving out and get a brand new place.
I can still use Feng Shui cures, to mitigate the problems of a Yang house with inferior form and layout, for a few years. Mr and Mrs Lim have engaged my services for a continuous few years, because they have seen an improvement in their family.
But, the best Feng Shui comes from a winning combination of a great layout and form, plus excellent Feng Shui placements.
A person must strive vigorously to advance in life and have genuine love for himself and his family. When you have the ability to seek better benefits for yourself and your family, act fast. Indecisiveness will only ruin things.
It is tough to raise a family. Mr Lim is smart and fortunate to seize the opportunity and leverage on a virtuous Master’s abilities, to help himself and his family.
After reading his comment on my website, I am truly happy for them. I sincerely hope that this new year will see a more concerted effort from him and his family in their spiritual practice, thoroughly purifying their souls and achieving the true well-being and safety for his family.
Thank you to Mr Charles Lim for taking the initiative to comment and share his experience and benefit all of us.



Mr Charles Lim:

This article was speaking of my house. So I thought will be interesting if I provide some feedback on the situation after we have stayed in the house for about 7 months.
Dai Hu Shifu saw my house Feng Shui in Mar 15. We renovated according to his recommendation. In fact following his recommendation, we saved more than $10k for the renovation.
We moved in on 22 May. After moving in for less than 1 month, I already seen a marked difference in my children behaviour; the children started to listen more. 3 months later, the children almost stopped fighting, which previously was a major nightmare for us. On top of that, my daughter taking PSLE (who do not have any tuition) started taking initiative to study hard and finally scored well and gone in Chong Cheng High express.
Even my wife temper improved.
All in all, it was very good. Thank Dai Hu Shifu for your help all these years!

Mrs Lim:

The residence mentioned by Master Dai Hu in this article is my home. Many thanks to Master for making time to conduct the Feng Shui audit of my house. Not only did Master helped us to save a considerable amount of money on renovation, he also provided many valuable advice for our new home. We have lived here for 8 months, and witnessed a marked improvement in the relationships between the children, as well as their academic performance. My eldest daughter also got into a good secondary school. Indeed, it is just like what Master had foretold – staying in this new house will bring many positive changes like obedient children with academic progress. My relationship with my husband is more harmonious than before.

Thank you so much to Master Dai Hu for his help all these years.


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