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《以茶會友》第五場 : 中秋滿願September Tea Session Recap: Mid-Autumn Festival





一、     靠人不如靠己,持咒爲何能為自身祈福?

二、     人生本是一場幻,沒有一樣東西是屬於自己的。

三、     我們隨身佩戴的護牌爲何通常是圓形的?

四、     人都會嫌廁所是污穢之地,卻不知廁所裏的穢物是人體的排泄物,所以最髒的其實是人。

五、     中秋節的由來,月餅爲何是圓形的?

六、     爲何我們現在看不到我們的佛性?

七、     擧欠下近百萬的客人為列,怎樣的人不應該投資?

八、     如何知道自己適合做怎樣的投資?

九、     玳瑚師父爲何不鼓勵和別人共用個人物品?

十、     新加坡2015年大選前,玳瑚師父向弟子說人民行動黨重奪阿裕尼集選區的機率很低。 他如何未卜先知?

十一、 有春夏秋冬四季的蘊育,一個人才會旺!那在一年皆是夏季的新加坡,我們如何能走運?

十二、 八字有「火」的益處

十三、 八字需要「火」的人,會有怎樣的習性?

十四、 想有美麗的肌膚、明亮的眼睛,應該注重哪一個内臟的保養?

十五、 從臉上的痣,如何能知女兒會有未婚先孕的危險性?

十六、 想保住老公的心,哪一種痣一定要速除?

十七、 好的風水、改命運的善法只能教予有心向善的人,如果不願花時間閲讀師父的文章,日常生活中也不積極行善學善,師父能無法救渡妳你。

十八、 看流年的居家風水時,師父曾預言家中長女在來臨的一年會有追求者,果真應驗,連家人都不知!師父又是如何能知?




Sept15 Tea Session Master Dai Hu Talk


If you have a wish, that has been unfulfilled for a long long time, how could you pray for its fulfillment with mooncakes on the auspicious day of the Mid-Autumn Festival?

Master Dai Hu specially sought the blessings and approval from the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas to divulge this for the first time during this 5th Tea Session, and taught all attendees with the positive intent, affinity and merits. Master Dai Hu further answered all their doubts about spiritual practice.

Mid-Autumn Tea Session Highlights:

1.    It is better to depend on oneself than on others. Why can mantra recitation is your self-form of blessings?

2.    Life is an illusion. Nothing really belongs to us.

3.    Why are most amulet pendants round in shape?

4.    People often complain about the toilet as a filthy place, yet have no idea that the filth is created by our bodily waste. Therefore, the filthy ones are actually we humans.

5.    The origin of the Mid-Autumn Festival, and why mooncakes are round in shape.

6.    Why are we unable to see our Buddha Nature now?

7.    Citing an example of a client who owed debts close to a million dollars, Master Dai Hu explained the different profiles of people ill-suited for investments.

8.    How do you know what investments are suitable for you?

9.    Why does Master Dai Hu discourage against sharing of personal belongings?

10.  Before the General Election 2015 in Singapore, Master Dai Hu told his disciple that the People’s Action Party (PAP) had a very slim chance of winning the Aljunied GRC. How was he able to know?

11.  A person will prosper with the nourishment from the four seasons of Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter. In a tropical country like Singapore where we experience summer all year around, how can we boost our fortunes?

12.  The advantages of having the Fire element in your birth chart.

13.  What are the habits and characteristics of a person, whose birth chart lacks the Fire element?

14.  If you wish to have beautiful skin and bright eyes, which internal organ must you take special care of?

15.  Is your daughter at risk of premarital pregnancy? How to tell from the moles on her face.

16.  Which mole on your face must be removed to keep your husband faithful to you?

17.  Good Feng Shui and ways to rechart your destiny can only be taught to people with the true desire to live a virtuous life. If you are unwillingly to spend time to read Master Dai Hu’s articles, and not diligent in learning good and performing virtuous deeds in your daily life, Master Dai Hu is unable to save you too.

18.  During an annual Feng Shui audit, Master Dai Hu predicted that the eldest daughter of the family will have suitors the following year and the prediction came true! Not even the family members knew of this! How did Master Dai Hu know of this?


Many thanks to all participants who made time to attend the Mid-Autumn Tea Session and for the lovely gift for this wonderful festival. Master Dai Hu would like to wish everyone an early fulfillment of their wishes!


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    感恩师父的细心教导, 真的得益良多。谢!

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