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Wealth Chest. These 2 words are extremely popular and well-loved. Very few in this world can resist the lure of a Wealth Chest. As the name implies, it is a chest containing valuables to make you rich. Do not misunderstand that only the rich possess a Wealth Chest. Unfortunately, if you are adamant that you are right, you and your descendants are doomed to a life of poverty and suffering. Let me tell you, owning a Wealth Chest is not the privilege of the rich, however, all wealthy people will definitely own one. This is not a play of words but an illustration of the logic “You reap what you sow”.

Protecting Your Wealth Through Your Facial Features

I mentioned in my previous articles and meal sessions that there are 4 important “Wealth Chests” on a person’s face. If these 4 spots are kept flawless, be it inherently or by design, a person will enjoy as much wealth as he desires throughout his life. Therefore, it is recommended to visit the beautician once in awhile for maintenance. If you realise, wealthy people often have clean complexion. Wah, there will be people who will frown upon reading my writing, as well as people who will jump for joy, very much like the weekly lottery announcement! Ha!
The beauticians and ladies will be a happy lot, while the men will be sad. But to all men, please don’t be, because you can benefit from clear complexion too. Wealth is not allocated based on gender. Secondly, bringing a beautiful missus out to any event, and get envied for that would make any man proud. It is the result of your generosity! Thirdly, the better complexion your missus has, the more wealth she is going to bring you! These are the 3 points all gentlemen must remember!


The secret behind profitable airlines

Another point worth noting is, most airlines in the world are profitable. Surely you would agree with me, but I’m certain that you do not know the reason behind it. Let me tell you now why most airline companies make money. In every flight, an airplane ferries luggages, including the valuables the passengers take along with them, by the hundreds. Multiply that by the diverse flights and destinations worldwide in 24 hours of a single day, Heaven knows how huge the load of valuables and luggages is. Because of this reason, if airline companies are not wealthy, who will be?


Emulate The Feng Shui Wealth Formula of profitable Airlines in Your home  

My dear readers, wealth can be self-created. Master Dai Hu is the “Lord of Wealth”, and the main aim of writing this article is to remove your woes concerning wealth (or lack of). If you aspire to be free from afflictions about wealth, please invest in a well-designed, high quality Wealth Chest in your home. At the same time, please clear out all old, damaged and useless items. Don’t give them the opportunity to buy a return ticket! After that, go take a bath, put on your clean and new clothing and bellow at your Wealth Chest, “Huat! Huat! Huat! (Prosper! Prosper! Prosper!” (In any language of your preference.)

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