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文/李佳勵 女士  Written By: Mdm Lee Jia Li






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除了瘦身,我也是一個沒有偏財運的人。從小到大買過無數次的馬票,可是只中過一次$10。通過請玳瑚師父幫我看流年運程,我了解到我在近兩個禮拜會有中馬票的運。師父也指明我需要找一位某年份屬雞的朋友幫我買馬票,中獎的機會才會比較高。于是,我找了適合的朋友幫我買,而且真的在一個禮拜內,連續中了兩次多多博彩,這是從來沒有發生過的。師父有教導過,他不提倡賭博可是如果有這個運勢時不妨試試看, 中了獎後可以捐出一部分來積善德,也回饋於社會。因此我也聽師父的話,把一部分的獎金捐給慈善。




Singapore Feng Shui Master Dai Hu review testimonial


I have been skeptical about the effectiveness of Chinese Metaphysics since young, as my parents had never had a Feng Shui audit done and showed no interest in Chinese Metaphysics. However, after getting married and moving into our new house, my husband and I decided to engage a Chinese Metaphysics practitioner, due to the obvious decline of our family members’ health and luck. However, the results were not satisfactory, which further added onto my doubts about Feng Shui and Metaphysics. This all changed after we met Master Dai Hu since 31st July this year.


I lost 4kg in 1.5 month by using the secrets in my Bazi!

My weight increased from 55kg to 64kg, within close to two years of marriage life. No matter what method I used to slim down, be it dieting, eating salad, no carbs during dinners and exercise etc, I was still unable to slim down. This made me very upset and demoralised. After engaging Master Dai Hu to help me with name change and bazi reading, I finally understood more about my own elements. From there, I also realised that based on an individual’s element, everyone have their best fit of food, fruits, drinks, exercise, down to microscopic details like whether one should have more/less intake of sweet, salty, bitter or spicy food.

According to Master Dai Hu, my Bazi reflects that I’d even gain weight just by drinking water.  So consuming veggies and salads everyday will not help me to slim down at all. Eating the wrong food or doing the wrong exercise will also have a counter effect on my weight loss plan. With Master Dai Hu’s recommendations in mind, I changed my entire diet and exercise regime. With NO dieting, and maintaining 3 regular meals (with CARBS) a day, I was able to miraculously lose 4kg within 1 and a half month! Colleagues and friends noticed my loss in weight and complimented me, which made me very happy and even more motivated to continue following Master Dai Hu’s recommendation in my slimming journey.


Unlocking the lottery luck in my Bazi

I am also someone who doesn’t have any luck in lottery. Despite buying lottery since young, I have only won $10 in my entire life. However, after Master Dai Hu’s analysis of my yearly Bazi reading, he analysed that I will have luck in lottery within a specific 2-week period. He also further commented that I should seek the help of someone born in the year of rooster (a specific year especially), as that will boost my winning luck tremendously. I heeded his advice and within the week, I won Toto twice which is something that had never happened before.  Master Dai Hu does not advocate gambling, but he feels that if one is destined to win, it’s okay to give it a try and to donate a portion of the winnings to charity to build good karma, and contribute back to the society. Hence I listened to him, and donated a portion of my winnings to charity.

I really appreciate Master Dai Hu for his help and teaching and also thank him for always spending his precious time teaching me, allowing me to understand myself more, knowing how to help myself improve my luck and at the same time build my understanding towards Chinese Metaphysics. I hope that for the readers reading my testimonial now, if you wish to understand or improve your fortune and luck, or maybe even if you wish to slim down by eating the right food, do not hesitate to engage Master Dai Hu for his services. 

If fate permits, I am certain that you will be like me, being impressed with Master Dai Hu’s accuracy in his analysis and at the same time, grateful and respectful towards his magnanimous love and care to everyone.



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