玳瑚師父 Master Dai Hu


守護靈的正知The Right Knowledge about Guardian Spirits


一; 很多很多人,道聽途說,以訛傳訛,造成人心惶惶,實為過失,福德無增反減,這樣不算是智舉。
二; 一知半解的情況,如何利己利他,冥陽兩利呢?
三; 揭開守護靈的神秘面紗,一起修功德,向善也向上,皆大歡喜。




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The realm of spirits cannot be fully explained in a mere two or three sentences. I wrote this article today for 3 main reasons.

1. Many people formed inaccurate pictures of the spiritual realm from hearsay. This created confusion and irrational fear through spreading of incorrect information, resulting in loss of merits. Such negligence is an unwise thing to do.

2. With only superficial knowledge, how can we benefit ourselves and others, both the living and the dead?

3. By lifting the veil of secrecy on our guardian spirits, we can all cultivate more merits and kindness with a more positive outlook and attain mutual happiness for everyone.

Before I became a Buddhist, I have due respect for the spiritual realm, but I kept a respectful distance away from them. After my exposure to the Dharma and metaphysics, and becoming a Master in my own right, the affinity with them drew closer and I had the opportunity to understand the unknown side of them through various interactions. This newfound knowledge and respect drew me closer to the spiritual realm. I have discovered that the nature of the spiritual beings is more sincere than humans. The spiritual beings do not need wealth, luxurious houses and branded cars etc, in order to befriend them. They do not talk money, and their sincerity stems from their hearts. They remember kindness and will seek to repay them, unlike us humans who often bite the hand that feeds us.

To my knowledge, our spiritual guardians may well be our family relations who have passed away – our late grandparents, parents, siblings, spouses, children, relatives or good friends etc. Regardless of who they might be, let me remind everyone that these spiritual guardians are always by your side. They will be affected by your non-virtuous thoughts or actions, which will cause hatred and anger to arise in them, and consequently cause them to fall into the 3 lower realms of existence. Please do not be ignorant and think that you would be rid of them this way and say hurray to not having to make prayers to them. The truth is, should they fall into the lower realms, you will lose their protection, allowing other undesirable spirits to come unto you. Your life will be shrouded in darkness and when you passed on, you will plunge into the lower realms as well. There is a thin line between wisdom and ignorance.

In our daily moments, we ought to be very aware of the thoughts and intentions arising from our mind, and the consequential action and speech. We must consciously cultivate merits and kindness. In this way, our virtues and filial piety will enable our spiritual guardians to rise in rank. Once our spiritual guardians assume greater power, our lives in this world would naturally improve as well. There is absolutely no need to pray at every other corner mindlessly, and eventually join the bandwagon of superstition. Let’s have the correct and positive knowledge when it comes to our spiritual guardians.

I wish everyone an auspicious day, auspicious night and auspiciousness every single day!


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