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「羊」言欢笑Staying Positive in the Year of the Goat





Goat Year Food Therapy Singapore Feng Shui Master Dai Hu

It has long been medically proven that besides the obvious health benefits, a cheerful person, full of smiles at all times, tends to tread smoother in life. From the perspective of Chinese Metaphysics, the liver in our body is the organ which dictates our “happiness” index. According to my knowledge, in this Year of the Goat, it would be beneficial for everyone to consume more floral tea. Firstly, this will help protect the liver, and secondly, it helps alleviate any issue of sensitive nose. Last but not least, it can definitely help in our body detoxification and up our “happiness” index, etc.

For my beloved readers with elderly family members at home, please be more mindful of their health conditions. Should you discover anything amiss, please immediately seek medical attention. For those of you with difficult children at home, the Year of the Goat brings a ‘secret code’ that would, in some ways, give you some relief in this area and prevent them turning from bad to worse. As for a macro view of the situation worldwide in this Year of the Goat, there would be some stability for most countries in their national and people conditions. However, there will still be natural calamities like tsunami, earthquakes, haze pollution, etc.

If you ask me how to avoid the above scenario, I will honestly tell you that it is almost inevitable. Shouldn’t there be a reason for this? Yes, of course, and the reason is that of collective karma. The rise of this negative collective karma can be attributed to the impure and wrong intentions of the sentient beings. Thus, to prevent such calamities from happening, the sole solution has to be a collective and diligent effort from human beings to strive towards maintaining our inner peace. In this way, the karmic occurrence of catastrophes will naturally vanish without a trace.

While the human race is not yet at this stage of evolution, and you have the urge to travel overseas, Master Dai Hu advises you to avoid countries in the South East Asia as well as countries in Europe, for example, United Kingdom, France, etc. Please do not say that I did not ‘take care’ of you should anything untoward happen during your travels. Ha ha ha! Before I end this article, a special reminder to my beloved readers with the following Chinese zodiac signs: Ox, Goat, Dragon and Dog, avoid consumption of mutton soup and purchase of any items (handicrafts, clothings, etc) related to goat. Please remember my advice!


3 Responses to “Staying Positive in the Year of the Goat”

  1. Sam — December 12, 2015 @ 2:35 am (#)

    Found out about this article at the end of 2015, around December, and as quoted “However, there will still be natural calamities like tsunami, earthquakes, haze pollution, etc.” 

    2015 have seen the worst haze period for SEA that has expanded to Thailand and Europe is having terrorist issues with its frequent bombing (thailand not spared too). Had I known this sooner for my own zodiac sign I would have heed his advice but never too late to sign on for more readings here.

    Thank you Master Dai Hu for writing!

    • 玳瑚師父 Master Dai Hu — December 15, 2015 @ 5:20 pm (#)

      謝謝您的閱讀, Sam。祝福你早日有佛緣,早日認禮明師,開啟修行。唯有修行才能真正改變命運。

      Thank you for spending time to read my article, Sam. I wish for u to have affinity with the Buddha soon, and meet an accomplished Master in the near future to begin your spiritual path of cultivation. Spiritual cultivation is truly the only way to transform your destiny.

  2. Sam — December 22, 2015 @ 2:00 am (#)

    Greetings Master Dai Hu, 

    Sam here, thank you for the mention on facebook and I am grateful for your time and effort for the reply! I have decided to reply here because this is the original channel and I was not aware of your reply until I saw your latest update on facebook.  

    I have started reading since October this year and for someone growing like me, the articles are like nuggets of wisdom that sets me to reflect after each read and they are really bitesize so it is easy to read too.

    I really appreciate your writings and I really do look forward to more of your effort and articles in 2016. Thank you for your wishes and may I have the affinity to meet with an accomplished Master too and transform my destiny for the better! 

    Keep up the good work! 

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