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風水服務 Feng Shui Consultation

堪輿即堪天輿地,探索天地之理,從而開天地宇宙的密碼得到人間的智慧和福元。 現代人一般以風水簡稱。中國的五術「山、醫、命、卜、相」,「風水」佔首席。風水本來就是配合天星的角度、地上的「龍跡」、地球的磁場等等,是真真正正的大學問,絕對是科學中的科學。何以見得?一,宇宙日月行星,每時每刻都在動。二,人體的新陳代謝。三,環境、形勢的改變。四,人身的磁場。五,空間的氣場。這些因素皆得仔細堪察,所以是科學中的科學。倘若沒這實際功夫,而祇靠神說,或自己的直覺、第六感、第七感的,大半是迷信,及不符合科學者。


風水二字拆開,可解説為穿過大地的風(氣)與水,我們人類所呼吸的風(氣)和飲用的水等等。這風(氣)和水會孕育出不同的地理,不同樣貌和品性的人及所遇到的遭遇 (地也有地的命運)。





  • 陽宅風水
    • 居家風水
    • 房間風水
    • 店面 / 辦公室 / 風水
    • 事務桌風水
    • 擇地
    • 擇陽宅 – 住宅、辦公室、商店、工廠
    • 流年風水
  • 陰宅風水
    • 墓地/靈骨塔位風水
    • 擇墓地/靈骨塔位
    • 擇地


Luo Pan

Geomancy is the art of divination with landforms, unlocking the secrets of the Heaven and Earth to channel wisdom and fortune to Man. In modern times, this art is more popularly known as Feng Shui, and it occupies the first spot among the Five Chinese Arts of Mountains, Medicine, Destiny, Divination, Form. The art of Feng Shui combines the angles of the stars, the “Dragon trails” on the Earth and the magnetic bearings of the planet. It is an immense body of knowledge, absolutely a science among the sciences. Why is this so? Firstly, the Sun, Moon and other planets are constantly in motion. Secondly, the human body is also in constant renewal. Thirdly, the environment never stops evolving. Fourthly, the human body possess his own magnetic field. Last but not least, the energy field in the space. The above few factors need to be inspected in scientific details. Therefore, if one does not have practical experience but only rely on one’s communication with the Gods, or with one’s intuition, sixth or seventh senses, these are mostly superstitious and cannot be accepted by science.

One’s success is heavily dependent on the three factors of Heaven, Earth and Man. There exists three forces in this world: Force from the Heavens, Force from the Earth and Force of Man. The Force from the Earth governs one-third of Man’s destiny.

Feng Shui is literally made up of 2 Chinese words: Wind (Chi) and Water, and can be explained as the Chi energy which traverse the Lands and the Water that flows through them. They are the air (Qi) that we breathe in as well as the water we consume. This Wind and Water form countless permutations to create different landforms, and with it, individuals of different physical appearances, characters and fortunes. The Lands are also subjected to their own destinies.

A human body produces its own energy field, as does a piece of land and a house. When the remains of your ancestors are buried into the ground, an interaction of energies occurred and a new energy field is formed. When a person moves into a new house or office, their energies converges and further interacts with the energies of the land, exerting a great infuence to the fortune of the person.

Over the past 20 years, Master Dai Hu has never met a single person with no desire for happiness and success. However, diligence and hard work may not be enough to reach your goals. Knowing your own destiny and application of Feng Shui will empower every individual to create their dream life. Why reject good fortune at your doorstep?

Feng Shui can be considered a study of our environment or surroundings. Master Dai Hu discourages the method of placing auspicious ornaments around the house in order to have good Feng Shui. His techniques are simple yet effective, emphasizing on light intensity, color, interior layout, and more importantly, ability to accumulate Qi. As long as you follow his advice to make the necessary changes to your premises, the positive effects would be swift and far-reaching.

Feng Shui audit services:

  • Yang House Feng Shui
    • Residential Feng Shui
    • Individual Room Feng Shui
    • Retail/Commercial Premises Feng Shui
    • Work Desk Feng Shui
    • Land Selection
    • Residential & Commerical Premises Selection
    • Annual Feng Shui Audit
  • Yin House Feng Shui
    • Burial Site Feng Shui
    • Burial Site / Columbarium Urn Niche Selection
    • Land Selection

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