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回顧三月茶會Recap of March Tea Session



March Tea Session Singapore Feng Shui Master Dai Hu


1) 爲何玳瑚師父不幫從事某些行業的人?
2) 怎樣的人不用看風水?
3) 為什麽有些人家裏看了風水沒有用?
4) 如果要先生好,太太爲何應該幫先生買内褲?
5) 每一天,你要知道要去哪裏。不要盲目過日子。
6) 爲何風水幾乎什麽都能辦得到?
7) 家中安了“財富之源”,爲什麽還是沒用?
8) 爲何玳瑚師父從不售賣“吉祥物”?
9) 做生意,不是每個人都能。
10) 百貨公司各部門,根據羅盤的卦位而區劃,生意會更好!
11) 客人:看風水會不會只有一個人好,其他家人不好?
12) 整容要整哪裏才會好?每個女人都能隆胸嗎?
13) 你要發達,請注意你的飲食。
14) 居家有開放式的廚房,爲何不好?
15) 選怎樣的屋子才會有錢?
16) 清明之際,記得為過世父母報名超度。
17) 店裏安神位的講究
18) 一踏入客人的家門,玳瑚師父如何知道男主人有婚外情


玳瑚師父看風水,講究的是光綫、顔色、擺設,及以屋子的坐山向首配合命卦。這世界有三種力量: 天、地、人。懂得運用三大力量的人才是真正的能者。因為看 人間的人很苦,于是神仙傳下了風水命理救濟世人,無奈世人不懂得珍惜。天已經賜福,地也配合了,但人承受不起也沒有用。

March Tea Session Singapore Feng Shui Master Dai Hu

The day of the Tea Session coincides with the fourth day of national mourning for the late Mr Lee Kuan Yew, founding father of our country. Master Dai Hu led everyone to recite “Namo Amituofo” seven times and dedicated the merits generated to the swift rebirth of Mr Lee to the Pure Land, and that he would embrace Buddhism in his future lives to cultivate the Dharma and benefit sentient beings. May he attain Nirvana and be truly free from sufferings.

Master Dai Hu began the session with a piece of advice to everyone: That we, as human beings, must always be grateful. Do not complain. If you have been complaining for 10 years, that is 10 years of time wasted and irrecoverable. It makes more sense to redirect the negativity and focus it to better your own self spiritually, in order to scale greater heights in your life.

Afterwards, Master Dai Hu imparted the following knowledge:

1) Why does Master Dai Hu refuse to dispense his service to people in certain trades?

2) What kind of people do not require the power of Feng Shui?

3) Why do some people see no positive effect after doing a Feng Shui audit?

4) What benefit would a wife bring to her husband by helping him buy the right underwear?

5) Everyday should be purposeful. Do not live your life blindly.

6) Why does Feng Shui has such encompassing powers to achieve almost anything?

7) Why does a fountain of wealth installed in your home not have any effect for you?

8) Why does Master Dai Hu not sell any “auspicious” Feng Shui items?

9) Not everyone is cut out to be an entrepreneur.

10) A department store will enjoy more prosperity if it plans its departmental layout, according to the Feng Shui compass!

11) Client: Will the Feng Shui audit only benefit a single member of the household?
Master Dai Hu: No, it would not.

12) If you wish to get cosmetic surgery done, where should it be done? Do all women require breast enlargement?

13) If you want to be wealthy and prosperous, please
watch your diet.

14) Why is it a bad idea to have a open concept kitchen?

15) How do you choose a house that will bring you wealth luck?

16) The Qing Ming Festival is round the corner. Please remember to register your late parents or ancestors for deliverance prayer sessions.

17) The significant details of installing an altar in your place of business.

18) How Master Dai Hu smelt a rat and knew the man of the household committed adultery, once he entered the client’s home.

And more.

Master Dai Hu emphasized on the following during a Feng Shui audit: the light intensity, color scheme, layout of furnitures and fixtures, and last but not least, the compatibility of the sitting and facing directions of the house with the house owners.

There are 3 powerful energies in this world: Heaven, Earth and Man. The accomplished one knows how to make these forces work in his favor. The art of Chinese Metaphysics originates from the Heaven and out of compassion, it was passed down to solve our mortal woes. It is a huge pity that mankind do not treasure it. Sometimes, both the Heaven and Earth are in favour but alas, it is useless if the Man himself is not ready to receive the blessings.


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