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The salvation symphony of Buddhadharma and Chinese Metaphysics,

to guide the lost You back onto Life’s right path


第二版 Second Edition



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【作者簡介 – 玳瑚師父】

兒時,看著家父白天做工,其餘時間施診醫治無數人的奇難雜症,又以玄學為人們排憂解難,得到很多人的讚賞。當時就想,有一天也要像家父 一樣,有「非一般的能力」, 做個對社會有貢獻的人。

但 夢想歸夢想,吾也有自己的「業緣」要還。「雨過天晴」後,吾並沒有就此「享受人生」。反而比以前更精進。因為吾的內心深處仍然有幾個字亮光著,那就是以佛 法與玄學,同步利益眾生。就因這誓願,人們在睡,吾則在用功。人們在玩樂,吾也在用功。吾不是不懂得「善待」自己,而是希望做個有信用的人。


Singapore Feng Shui Master Dai Hu Book 善書 Dharma book Buddhism teacher


【Book Intro】

A collection of Master Dai Hu’s online articles from 2013 to 2015, with 69 bilingual stories, transcending the borders of countries to lead you to the path of kindness and betterment!

Return to life’s original intent and reclaim your true heart of purity.

An elderly Dharma sister said, “Dai Hu, you mustn’t hide anymore. The sentient beings need you!”

It was this remark that brought the reclusive Master Dai Hu out of his deep cultivation state. With no intention of seeking fame, Master Dai Hu decided to walk towards his affinity of delivering the sentient beings.

This book does not extol grand theories. Through Master Dai Hu’s real-life anecdotes, you will be reminded of his cautionary vigilance and discover pearls of salvation wisdom.

The change of your destiny begins from your heart. The change of fortune begins by taking your first step.

Your consciousness can manifest Heaven or Hell as your reality. Nobody owes us, not the Heavens, not the Earth, and certainly not other people. Right from the beginning, it is you who did not work hard enough. You did not complete the homework that you were supposed to. And now, your ascension in life is halted. Instead of wasting time and energy, pointing fingers and wailing, you will do better to commit to finishing where you left off, and be the master of your own fortune.

From the stories of life and the little details in our daily happenings, Master Dai Hu writes of his innermost cry of desire, transcending country boundaries, to guide the bewildered and lost you back onto the right path of Life. He will show you how to break through Life’s hurdles with your new-found optimism and positivity. Shake off the dust and towards kindness, towards betterment, you shall go!


【About The Author – Master Dai Hu】

During my childhood days, I saw my father having a day job and in his free time, he gave medical treatment and healed many people with all kinds of illnesses. On top of that, he practiced Chinese Metaphysics and helped countless people with unimaginable problems. He received plenty of adulation for his contribution to the people. At that time, I thought to myself that when I grow up, I would be like my father,  having the extraordinary prowess and making positive contributions to the soicety.

But that remains a dream after all. I have my own karmic debts to repay. After the storm has passed, I did not rest on my laurels and enjoy life. Instead, I became more diligent, driven by the sense of mission deep down inside me to propagate the Dharma and Chinese Metaphysics and benefit all sentient beings. With this singular focus, I pressed on. While others are asleep, I am working hard. While others are at play, I am still working hard. It is not that I mistreat myself, but I hope to be someone who keeps to his vows.

In my past 15 years of Dharma and Chinese Metaphysics propagation, and bringing benefits to the sentient beings, I have accumulated thousands of stories on my experiences, dealing with multi-faceted human emotions. Years ago, I tried to pen these memories down, but I had so much difficulty stringing a sentence together. But now, as soon as the pen is raised, I am infused with the richest of inspirations. My only hope is the many “love songs” in this book can move your heart and lead the lost you to the realm of eternal bliss and light in the future.


Singapore Feng Shui Master Dai Hu Book 善書 Dharma book Buddhism teacher


◎作者         Author: 玳瑚師父  Master Dai Hu
◎開本         Dimensions: 菊16開(14.8x21cm)
◎頁數         Pages: 284
◎單/彩色    Colour: 單色  Black & white
◎裝訂         Format: 平裝  Paperback
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S$16.90 (Instock)

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◎ISBN: 9789863582120
◎EAN: 9789863582120
◎CIP: 224.517 104012854
◎語言          Language: 中英對照   Chinese and English
◎出版日期 Publication Date: First Edition: 1st print – 2015年10月  October 2015

2nd print – 2015年12月  December 2015

Second Edition: 2017年 1月 January 2017

.◎出版社     Publisher: 白象文化  White Elephant
◎類別         Category: 心靈勵志 Personal Development

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