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Dancing Peach Blossoms in the Spring Breeze? 桃花舞春風 ?








Everyone is aware that the Peach Blossoms is a type of flower. But why do people use this flower to describe a person who is radiant with life force, and enjoys wide popularity and admiration? I am very sure that not many will know the reason.

Spring is the first of the four seasons. It is the season of renewal, where flowers bloom and all signs of life reemerge. The Chinese character 桃 of the word 桃花 (Peach Blossoms) has the Chinese character Wood on its left key radical, signifying the season of Spring. The right radical 兆 signifies the return of Spring and all things auspicious. Therefore, using Peach Blossoms to describe a man in the peak of his luck is acceptable and comprehensible.

If your mind remains a blank after my detailed explanation above, get hold of a stalk of Peach Blossom and you will be able to understand. If you do not get it, it means that your karmic obstacles are heavy. You should diligently engage in your spiritual practice until all the obstacles are cleared! Ha ha ha!

When all aspects of our life are going well, this is our period of good fortune. Why does this period of good luck decline? That is because you did not preserve and maintain it well. Just as the saying goes, “No flower can bloom for a hundred days”, but that is talking about flowers. When it comes to the fortunes of man, it should be counted with a hundred years. A flower may not bloom for a hundred days but it at least flourishes for more than two seasons, so how can a man’s prime luck duration lose out to that of a flower! If so, your destiny is really flawed. As we live in this world, we all need the Peach Blossom luck, without which we will struggle for our livelihoods.

Peach Blossoms are like the breath of Spring. They are like a hundred flowers vying in splendour during Summer. Lonely bachelors and bachelorettes are such because they lack the Peach Blossom luck. Your boss overlooks your talent, your colleagues are not supportive of you, your business has no customers, and if you are a monk, taking to the stage to expound the texts of Buddhism, the hall is almost desolate with barely an audience. All these are the result of missing Peach Blossoms in your destiny. When we observe these various domains in life, we became fully aware that everyone needs the Peach Blossoms indeed.

Dancing Peach Blossoms in the Spring breeze represents the momentum of good fortunes, the abundance of positive and auspicious energies, and life radiating at its peak. Such energies can be created in the Feng Shui of your own home. It can be invoked with your daily dressing and accessories. The problem lies in whether you have or understand this intricate knowledge.

We are all solely responsible for our own life. Whether you want to be radiant with happiness and flushed with success like the burst of Spring, or be like the falling leaves of autumn, melancholic and mournful, the choice remains yours. Even if you manage to find George Lam and Sally Yeh, they may not be willing or able to make the “choice” (a duet song by them) for you. Ha! Master Dai Hu? I absolutely can.


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