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文 / 林恩同 Written by: Miss Lim En Tong










就在今年,我有一個很早之前就安排的旅遊行程。我記得師父在幫我看八字的時候有說過我什麼月份才適合去這個國家, 而我的行程並不是在那對的月份之內。就在出國之前的一次,跟師父通電話時提起,師父說我這一趟去會生病,要我多注意,然後也給我一些符合我八字的建議。果然,就如師父所預言的,這一個旅程,我真的感冒喉嚨痛,生病了。





I always adopt an attitude of ‘hearsay’ when it comes to Chinese Metaphysics and Feng Shui. Later, some friends around me started to gain more knowledge in this subject matter, and we would talk about it sometimes. This piqued my interest in Feng Shui a little, but it still did not prompt me to understand more.


The beacon of light in my darkest days 

At least not until I hit the lowest point of my life. I went searching for answers, and stumbled upon the Facebook page of Master Dai Hu. I started reading all his articles, and followed his updates. I knew for sure that Master Dai Hu is the one who can help me. Finally, I mustered all my courage to call him to ask for an appointment. I sought his help to change my name and do a Bazi analysis for me. I wish to understand my own elemental traits and find clarity in my present and the future, and not trod on a path of regrets again.


The Master who gave me a new lease of life 

Having been through the torrid period of suffering, I had always wanted to just bury my past self. After I adopted the new name given by Master Dai Hu, coupled with implementing his advice from my Bazi analysis, it was as if I went through metamorphosis . I felt like a person reborn, both internally and externally. People around me saw and complimented on my change. I am so fortunate to have met Master Dai Hu in my times of desperation and despair. He helped me find my direction in life again. I am thankful for his selfless guidance. Every conversation we had gave me immense benefits. Master Dai Hu’s divination are spot-on and always left me in awe.


Master Dai Hu’s superb divination skills

I had some travel plans this year that has been prearranged, and I remembered an advice from Master Dai Hu during my Bazi analysis. He had told me about the suitable months for me to travel to this country. But my travel plans were scheduled in an unfavourable month. Still I went ahead with my travel schedule. In a phone conversation before my trip, Master Dai Hu warned me about the likelihood of falling ill, reminded me to take care of myself and gave me recommended precautions to take based on my Bazi. True enough, as he had predicted, I got a cold and sore throat during the trip.

One week after I returned from my trip, I dreamed of Master Dai Hu. Next day, I gave Shifu a call to talk to him about it and to let him know that his prediction about my illness during the trip came true. However, I forgotten about it as our conversation went on and on, when out of the blue, Master Dai Hu asked if I had dreamed of him! Oh my goodness, how could he be so accurate? At that point in time, I was totally in awe.

It is very rare and precious to have this affinity with Master Dai Hu, and to hear his Dharma teachings for the expansion of our wisdom and merits. I am grateful for his guidance the past year plus that I am able to become who I am today. I am cheering for every one of you, and I wish all of good health and Dharma bliss to Master Dai Hu.

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